What happens to the orders if the IPO is delayed or cancelled

1. Delisting

All transactions of the IPO will be canceled and considered invalid. Any funds (including fees and commissions) or shares deducted in the pre-IPO market trading will generally be returned to the client's account within one trading day after the delisting.

2. Delay in listing

Pre-market delayed listing: the cancellation of the pre-IPO market session will be delayed to the trading day before the latest listing day.

Intraday delayed listing: orders that have been filled are considered valid and will be settled normally at L+2, while unfilled orders will be canceled.

After-hours delayed listing: reserve the filled orders

Note: L is Listing Day, L+2 means the second trading day after the listing day

3. Modification clauses and rules

Changes to the clauses and conditions of the IPO will not affect FUTU's pre-IPO market unless the changes result in the cancellation and the postponement of listing.

Trading arrangements during typhoons and black rainstorms:

Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above / Black Rainstorm Warning:

1) Dismissal of signal/warning before 12:00 noon: pre-IPO market trading will start as usual at 4:15 p.m.(2:15 p.m. for half-day trading).

2) Dismissal of signal/warning after 12:00 noon: trading will be stopped all day.

3) Dismissal of signal/warning during the pre-IPOtrading hours: pre-IPOtrading will continue as usual until 6:30 p.m.(4:30 p.m. for half-day trading).