1609.HK Buy-back Offer

Chong Kin Group Holdings Limited (1609.HK)  Unconditional partial Buy-back Offer – To buy-back up to 120,000,000 SHARES that each Share bought-back will be exchanged for one Adjusted Kingdom Share under the Buy-back Offer (the “Buy-back Offer”).

For each Share bought-back, 1 share of (45958.HK) one Adjusted Kingdom Share will be exchanged. 
The Adjusted Kingdom Shares are not listed on any stock exchange and will be directly credited to the account and held electronically. When the stocks are available for withdrawal, you must submit a physical stock withdrawal instruction form to withdraw the adjusted Guoyao shares and re-register the Adjusted Kingdom Share Certificates into your own names in order to receive issuer’s announcements, circulars and/or future entitlement distribution, if any. You will receive a message notification when the stocks are available for withdrawal.

It is possible that if a Shareholder tenders all his/her/its Shares to the Company under the Buy-back Offer, not all of such Shares will be bought-back.

If you accept the corporate action, please fill in the following information before 4 pm on 27/09/2023, and forward it to cs@futuhk.com by registered email to submit your application.

1. FutuBull ID:
2. Name: (Name in Chinese or English)
3. Stock code: 1609. HK 
4. Accepted corporate action shares: (fill in the number of shares applying for corporate action) [This corporate action does not accept additional applications]

Corporate action application fee: 
Corporate action handling fee HKD 0.80 per board lot
Handling fee: HKD 1.00 per board lot (Minimum HKD 30)

Deadline for corporate action on 27/09/2023@ 16:00 (HONG KONG TIME GMT+8).

1. If you do not receive an email reply before the deadline, you will automatically be deemed to have given up this corporate action
2. This corporate action does not accept additional applications, the maximum number of applications that a client can apply for does not exceed the number of eligible shares it holds.
3. Please reserve enough funds to pay the handling fee, otherwise, it will be deemed as a waiver
4. If you fill in the wrong application information, you need to resend the email to submit the application
5. Listed and sold stocks cannot apply for corporate action
6. Once a corporate action is applied, it cannot be withdrawn
7. In case of any changes, the announcement of the listed company shall prevail

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Company action announcement

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