OCPNY.US ADR Termination

OLYMPUS CORP-SPON ADR (OCPNY.US) has terminated the depository agreement, and the depository institution will stop issuing, and deliver the net proceeds less any applicable fees to the holders in proportion.

Shareholders can apply to participate in relevant corporate actions, as detailed below:

Option(1): Take no action and maintain holding of the terminated ADR [Default Option]

Option(2): Submit ADR (OCPNY) to be converted into ordinary shares 7733.T (Japan) [Provide an SSI that can receive Japanese stocks]

If the customer chooses to convert into underlying stocks, they must provide delivery instructions that can receive Japanese stocks.

Handling Fee: 700 USD/each application+ 5 USD/lot cancellation fee (less than 1 lot is counted as 1 lot)

Please fill in the following information and use the registered email address of Futu to send an email to cs@futuhk.com.

1. Account Number:
2. Name: (In Chinese or English)
3. Stock code: OCPNY.US
4. Options: (1) or (2)
5. Number of shares participating in corporate actions:
6. For Option (2): I agree with the handling fee of 700 USD/each application + 5 USD/each cancellation fee (less than 1 lot is counted as 1 lot)

The deadline to make an election to convert the ADR into the underlying security will be 2023-04-27 @ 4:00 pm (Hong Kong Time GMT+8)

In the absence of an election, no action will be taken on the position.

Note to applicants:
1. If shareholders holding 1 share or less of OCPNY.US, they cannot participate in related corporate actions.
2. Option 1 is the default option. We will help clients to choose option 1 if have not received clients’ emails.
3. Once the relevant application is submitted, the stocks participating in the company's actions cannot be traded and the application cannot be withdrawn.
4. This corporate action does not accept additional applications, the maximum number of applications that a client can apply for does not exceed the number of eligible shares it holds.
5. The pending orders and unsettled shares will not be accepted for the time being.
6. Please confirm that the account funds are sufficient to pay the relevant fees of this corporate action. Otherwise, we will not bear any responsibility for the failure of your application.
7. If there is any update, all the information released by the listed company 
shall prevail.