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Trading Benefits
We offer personalized and flexible securities trading services that are backed by a powerful platform and financial experts.
Wealth Continuity
Offshore family trusts that provide comprehensive solutions for all your family trust needs.
Global Account
Personal financial advisors and international branches to assist you in making global investments.
Investor Visa Application
Designing investment blueprints for navigating the New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme process
Investment Services
We provide personalized asset allocation plans with low investment thresholds, and the ability to place orders online.
Exclusive Privileges
All-round wealth appreciation service that provides personalized experiences, created with your goals in mind.
Private summit
We invite high-profile guests to four types of events to create a valuable platform for idea exchange.
Family health
Access to high-quality medical services offered by private medical experts and premium hospitals.
Global planning
Our consulting services provide comprehensive protection for family property, identity planning for family members, and planning for children's education.
Legal and tax
Our team of experts from
renowned law firms and tax
specialists will create
customized plans for you.
Legacy building
We set family trusts for you, help you
apply for overseas licenses, and connect
upstream and downstream resources.

1+N Service Structure
1-on-1 consultation with a professional advisor

who utilizes every quality resource
on the platform to offer personalized services and safeguard your wealth
Investment advisor
Personalised asset allocation plans covering overseas asset categories
Trading advisor
Solving personal trading problems
Product expert
Quick response to system updates
Legal and tax advisors
Meeting personal and business legal and tax needs at home and abroad
Trust team
Intelligent family wealth distribution and continuity
Industry research team
Interpreting global industry news
Comprehensive service team
Meeting needs such as overseas education planning
Expert Team
With over ten years of global financial expertise, our private wealth team brings together experts from leading international investment banks and renowned brokerage firms. We deliver all-in-one, customized wealth management solutions, leveraging deep local insights and global expertise to serve our high-net-worth clients.
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The above content should not be regarded as an offer, solicitation, invitation, or recommendation to buy or sell any investment products or the basis for investment decisions, nor should it be construed as professional advice. Investment involves risks. Before making any investment decisions, clients should fully understand the risks and the characteristics and consequences of relevant laws, taxes, and accounting, decide whether the investment is in accordance with their individual financial situations and investment goals and whether they can endure relevant risks based on their personal circumstances, and seek appropriate professional advice when necessary.