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The Government of Hong Kong has announced in its 2023 Implementation Report the “New Capital Investor Immigration Scheme”, which sets the threshold for investment immigration under the new capital investor immigration scheme at a minimum of HK$300,000 and investment in licensed investment assets, including investing at least HK$2,700 million in any authorised financial asset; and Non-residential real estate; and at least HK$300 million in the new “Capital Investor Immigration Scheme Portfolio” to support the development of Hong Kong's innovation and technology industries.

1. Licensed investment assets under the “New Capital Investor Entry Scheme”

  • stocks

  • debentures

  • Certificates of Deposit

  • Eligible Collective Investment Schemes

  • Ownership of the Limited Partnership Fund


Shares of exchange-listed companies traded in HKD or RMB


1. Exchange-listed debt securities traded in HKD or RMB

2. Debt securities denominated in HKD or RMB, including fixed rate or floating rate instruments and convertible bonds issued or fully guaranteed by the following institutions:

• The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

• Forex Funds

• Hong Kong Mortgage Securities Limited

• Hong Kong Railways Limited

• Hong Kong Airports Authority

• Other specified corporations, organisations or entities wholly or partly owned by the Government of Hong Kong

• Exchange-listed companies trading in HKD or RMB

Certificates of Deposit

Certificate of deposit in HKD or RMB, issued by an accredited institution; the deposit certificate must be at least 12 months from the maturity date at the time of purchase (the date of purchase must be after the investor has been approved in principle by the Immigration Department for participation in the scheme; the deposit certificate should be exchanged for a deposit certificate or other authorised investment with a maturity date not less than 12 months from the expiry date (Assets of asset class)

Eligible Collective Investment Schemes

Collective investment plans, including ETFs and non-listed funds, published and updated on the HKSEC's website

Ownership of the Limited Partnership Fund

Private open-ended fund company with ownership interest in Private Limited Partnership Fund and regulated by a certified regulatory authority with a total investment cap of HKD1 million

2. Futu Private Wealth

Relying on Futu Group's strong digital financial technology, we provide asset provisioning, wealth management, legal tax advice, identity consulting and family trust services for high-net-worth clients to create a one-stop integrated financial wealth management service for high-net-worth clients. To meet the ongoing investment needs of our clients, we will provide comprehensive financial products and investment planning solutions for Hong Kong immigrants based on the client's investment preferences, covering multi-regional markets, multiple asset classes, and multiple product types to provide long-term financial investment services for clients. Tasks.

Based on our clients' trading and investment preferences, we provide services for three broad categories of high net worth clients (standalone transaction type, asset equipped type, cash management protection type), including transaction support, investment research information, asset provisioning, stable value adding, combining market performance and asset classes to create a customer-like identity. Customize different services and investment solutions to help clients achieve the best return-to-risk-value ratio during the investment migration period.


  • Asset Allocation Type

  • Cash Management Benefit Type

3. Futu Private Finance One-Stop Service

To meet the needs of investment immigration, we provide comprehensive investment and wealth management services* to our investment immigration clients*.

*Provision of services by Futu Group's holding company

To inquire about the above services or details

Please contact your professional consultant/Futu Special Assistant


The contents of this article and the services and products referred to are only applicable to persons covered by the Capital Investor Immigration Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

For all the latest provisions on the New Capital Investor Entry Scheme, please refer to the relevant SAR Government Immigration Office and the Investment Promotion Department webpage.

This document was produced and published by Futu Private Finance. Related account and wealth management services are provided by Futu Securities International (Hong Kong) Limited. All investment values and risks are subject to a piecemeal outcome for investors to decide on their own. The information or contents provided in this document are for reference only and, without prior notice, this document and the information downloaded therein may not be copied, copied or stored, or transmitted by any person directly or between persons for any purpose whatsoever. For all the latest provisions of the New Capital Investor Entry Scheme, please refer to the relevant Regional Government and Investment Promotion website. Futu makes no warranty as to the accuracy of the above information and that Futu and its related companies will not be liable for any losses incurred or caused by the use of this document. Any responsibility. This document is only available to applicants for the HKSAR New Capital Investor Entry Scheme. This document is not intended to be distributed directly to any person or group of persons or groups in the jurisdiction or country in which the document is transmitted.

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