NXBR.US Corporate Action Notice

If you have previously selected option (2) for Next Bridge Hydrocarbons Inc. (NXBR.US) corporate action:

Option (2) - Register shares with the transfer agent at a fee of 525.00 USD and receive non-transferable subscription rights

As you have chosen to transfer your stocks to American Stock Transfer (AST), please be aware that you will need to have a relevant account with AST. 

If you already have an account, please fill in the following information and use the registered email address of Futu to send an email to cs@futuhk.com

1. Account Number:
2. Name: (in Chinese or English)
3. Stock code: NXBR
4. Tax ID:
5. Address: (in English)
6. Email address:

The deadline to Opt-Out of the re-registration will be 18/08/2023@ 16:00 (HONG KONG TIME GMT+8).

If you fail to provide the relevant information before the deadline, it will default to accepting the option of not registering the shares with the transfer agent, do not send beneficial holder information to the transfer agent and waive the right to receive the subscription rights


1. Please be aware that after transferring the stock to AST, you will only receive non-transferable rights, which will be exercised later to obtain NBH stocks.
2. Please be aware and agree that after the company action application, the stock needs to be transferred and registered with AST, and Futu will deduct the relevant holdings. As the stock has been transferred from Futu to AST, you will need to directly contact AST for inquiries regarding the non-transferable rights.
3. Please note that as the company action is still pending approval from the SEC, the registration and distribution process of non-transferable rights are still unclear. Futu is doing its best to contact AST to inquire about the details, but cannot guarantee that your transfer registration instructions will be successfully executed.