Popular Section

1. Popular

The Popular section shows the top three stocks with the most RSP investors and a positive return over the past year.


2. RSP return

RSP return calculates the hypothetical rate of return for a specific historical period, based on regular contributions made on the first available trading day of each month. It is a rough estimate and does not guarantee future performance or offer any investment advice.

RSP Return = (Cumulative Profit or Loss / Total Contributions) * 100%

Cumulative Profit or Loss = Current Market Value of Holdings - Total Contributions


3. Basis of Calculation

• Investment Cycle: Calculations look back 365 days from the last trading day for a one-year investment cycle. If a stock has been listed for less time than the set cycle, the return is shown from the date of listing.

• Other Considerations: RSP returns are recalculated to reflect corporate actions like stock splits by adjusting historical prices accordingly. The calculation does not include dividends, commissions, or fees, which should be considered along with other risks when making investment decisions.


4. Data update

The popular section is updated daily using the last trading day's closing price (even if the market is closed on the current trading day) and the number of RSP investors from the past year.