Nominal Value available to sell

1. What is the NV available to sell?

The NV available to sell refers to the maximum nominal value of a bond that you can currently sell.

2. Why is the NV available to sell lower than my positions?

The quantity of unsettled positions and pending sell orders will not be counted in the NV available to sell, which leads to a gap between your positions and the NV available to sell.

Unsettled positions will become available to sell once they have been settled. Normally, your positions become available to sell on T+3 (T refers to the transaction date, and weekends and public holidays are not included in the day count.) 

For instance, if you hold 2,000 USD of Bond A on June 1st and you buy another 1,000 USD on the same day, your NV available to sell will still remain as 2,000 USD before June 4th. If no sell order is placed from June 1st to June 4th, your NV available to sell will be updated as 3,000 USD on June 4th.