Fast Trade for bonds

1. What is Fast Trade for bonds?

Fast Trade for bonds is a feature that enables users to place buy or sell orders using a Fast bid or Fast ask price, which usually resulting in immediate execution of the trade.


2. Why use Fast Trade in bond trading?

Regular bond orders may take longer as traders are required to inquire about the price in the OTC market, find matching counterparties and prices before a trade can be filled. With Fast Trade, investors can avoid long wait times and usually can execute orders immediately.


3. Which bonds support Fast Trade?

Currently, Fast Trade is only available for certain US Treasury Bonds.

To check the bonds that support Fast Trade, go to:

- Wealth > Bonds > Fast Buy Bonds


4. What is Fast Bid/Ask?

Fast Bid/Ask shows the current bid or ask available for Fast Trade. Orders submitted using Fast Bid/Ask can usually be executed immediately.

【Fast Bid】 and 【Fast Ask】:

It is an offer to buy/sell at a specific price which usually resulting in immediate order execution.

【Fast Bid Volume】and 【Fast Ask Volume】:

Represent the total nominal value that can be immediately traded. If you want to buy, the order nominal value should not exceed the Fast Ask volume, and if you want to sell, the order nominal value should not exceed the Fast Bid volume.


5. How can I trade bonds using Fast Trade?

To place a buy order for a bond, go to:

- Detailed Quotes > Tap Fast Buy in the lower left corner

If you already have a bond position, you can place a buy or sell order by going to:

- Accounts > Assets > Select your bond position

While placing an order, you can choose to use either Regular or Fast as the trading method.


6. Can I edit or cancel a Fast Trade order?

Fast Trade orders cannot be edited or cancelled.


7. How can I view my Fast Trade orders?

To check your orders placed using Fast Trade, go to:

- Accounts > History > Order History