FUTU HK Help Center-How do I check stock lending records and income distribution records

How do I check stock lending records and income distribution records

1. Stock lending record

Method 1: you can access through: 「App > Accounts > "US Margin Account" or "Margin Universal Account - Securities"> More > Stock Yield Program」, click personal page to view the income details (including: historical lending details and income ranking, etc.).

Method 2: check the details of the stock lent (if any) in the daily statement, including the stock symbol, the lent number, the interest rate, the amount of interest you earn, etc.

Due to delayed processing during holidays or delayed notification from upstream, Futu may handle stock lending activities for several days at one time, so you may see records of stock lending for several days in your daily statement.


2. Income distribution record

Lending income is calculated daily and distributed monthly. It usually arrives in your account within the 3rd to 5th business days of the following month after you lend out your shares.

Note: Delays may occur due to public holidays or other events. After the interest is distributed, you will receive a message from the system that you can view the amount of interest for the current month in the fund details.

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