Will stock lending affect trading and dividends, and what are the other effects

1. Trade

Lending stock shares will not affect any of your trading activities. Whether the stock is lent has nothing to do with your normal trading, you can still sell the stock at any time. Futu securities will recall the stock from the counterparty and settle it on your behalf on the settlement date, after which the stock lending activity will be terminated.

2. Purchasing power / risk control status

Lending stocks will not have any impact on the risk control status and purchasing power of your account.

3. Dividend

Generally speaking, the lent stock will be recalled and returned to the lender as soon as possible (but not guaranteed) before the stocks dividend occurs; even if they are not returned, you will still receive the corresponding dividend on the lent stock.

In the event of a corporate action such as a stock dividend / stock offering, the above dividend may be paid in cash (this is often referred to as the "payments in lieu (PIL) of dividends-- alternative dividend").

4. Voting right

After lending the shares, you will no longer have the corresponding voting rights to this part of the shares until the shares are returned.

If the relevant contents of the Stock income Plan of the help Center are updated, Futu Securities will not notify you separately, and Futu Securities will not be responsible for any form of loss that may be caused.