Introduction of stock income plan

1. Stock income plan

The stock income plan allows Futu to borrow shares from any account under your account and lend them to counterparties who want to short selling and are willing to pay interest on the borrowed stocks. Interest will be credited to your account every day when the stock is lent out.

Note: Futu Securities will automatically borrow the shares in market demand in your account and will not notify you in advance.

2.Target shares for stock income plan

Currently, only US shares in the US stock account can be lent.

Eligible securities  that can be lent are: US common stocks (listed on the exchanges, PINK and OTCBB), ETF, preferred stocks and corporate bonds).

Those who are not eligible are: municipal bonds and non-US securities.

3. Calculation of interest income on loaned stocks

The interest that customers can earn on stock lending depends on the interest rate in the over-the-counter securities lending market, which may vary greatly depending on the type of securities and the date of borrowing.

The interest rate of the Stock Yield Enhancement program is provided by a third party of SBL (Stock Borrowing and Lending). Interest income is divided into three parts, the first part (about 30%-40%) is earned by third-party SBL partners as their business income, and the remaining income is split between Futu and customers.

4. The counterparty

The direct counterparty to which you lend shares is Futu Securities, who may lend them to anyone (not limited to FUTU clients) after borrowing from you

If the relevant contents of the Stock income Plan in the help Center are updated, Futu Securities will not notify you separately, and Futu Securities will not be responsible for any form of loss that may be caused.