Common questions

1. Can Futu A shares short sell A shares?


2. Does Futu A-share Connect support financing transactions?


3. Does Futu A-share support A-share IPO subscription?


4. Does Futu A-shares support cross-market trading?

Support, if you own Hong Kong stocks or US stocks assets and activate the function of Unified Buying power, then you can directly buy A-shares stocks

5. What is the quotation authority of A shares?

LV1: Hong Kong users enabled by default.

6. What is the charges for A-Share Connect?

For charges details, please see: Fee

7. Where can I find the External Fees charging information?

the External Fees charging information can be found on the website of the  Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing LIimited("HKEX"):

Transaction fees

Settlement and settlement fees

Futu is a qualified trading participant and settlement participant of ChinConnect Exchange Participants("CCEPs"). The relevant list can be found on the official website of the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing LIimited("HKEX") to check

8. Whether A-share account support trading on ChiNext and  STAR market?

The trading of SZSE Securities which are listed on the ChiNext market and SSE Securities which are listed on the STAR market will be only limited to institutional professional investors.

Institutional professional investors refer to companies that manage investment schemes, such as banks, insurance companies and brokerages.