CN stocks fees(stocks,ETFs)

1. Fees Charged by FUTU

TypeFeesCharged by
Commission0.03%*transaction amount,minimum 3.00 CNH/orderFUTU HK
Platform Fees15 CNH per orderFUTU HK


①  If an order is divided into multiple transactions, the order will only be charged once

② An annual Interest rate of 8.8% is charged when the account cash balance is negative. Interest is calculated on a daily basis and is settled at the end of the month.

③ Valid orders are settled based on the trading day. Transactions in the same trading day will be treated as 1 order, while transactions in the different trading days will be treated as different orders to calculate transaction related fees.

2. Other Fees

TypeFeesCharged by
Handling Fees0.00487% of transaction amountSSE/SZSE
Securities Management Fees0.002% of transaction amountCSRC
Transfer Fees(CSDC )0.001% of transaction amountCSDC
Transfer Fees(HKSCC)0.002% of transaction amount HKEX
Stamp Duty(Only Charged when selling)0.1% of transaction amountSAT
Portfolio Feesholding stock value * 0.008% / 365(calculated by day, charged by month)HKEX
Dividend Tax10% of dividend and bonuses (Deduct by SAT at the time of dividend distribution)SAT

Note: ETFs in Northbound Stock Connect are exempt from Securities Management Fees, Transfer Fees(CSDC), and Stamp Duty, and the handling fee is 0.004% of the transaction amount. Other charges are the same as those for the underlying A-shares.

3. Other service charges

3.1 Fund Deposit/Withdrawal

TypeFeesCharged By
Fund DepositFreeFUTU HK
Fund WithdrawalFreeFUTU HK

3.2 Transfer Stock In/Out

TypeFeesCharged By
Transfer Stock InFreeFUTU HK
Transfer Stock Out500 CNH per stock each timeFUTU HK

3.3 Others

TypeFeesCharged by
Dividend Collection Fee0.5% of total cash dividend amount, minimum 20 CNH/timeFUTU HK
Equity interest collection Fee1 CNH/lot, (order size less than 1 lot count as 1 lot), minimum 20 CNH/timeFUTU HK
Bonus share collection Fee1 CNH/lot, (order size less than 1 lot count as 1 lot), minimum 20 CNH/timeFUTU HK
Corproate Action Handling Fee1 CNH/lot, (order size less than 1 lot count as 1 lot), minimum 20 CNH/timeFUTU HK
Annual General MeetingAttend or authorize a third party to attend the Annual General Meeting of stockholders (maximum 1 person).OR entrust Futu Securities to vote on behalf of the stockholder.Administration fees: 50 CNH per application.FUTU HK
Mailing/Stamping of Daily and Monthly Account Statements50 CNH per copy + postage feeFUTU HK
Dividend RecoveryMinimum charge of 1000 CNH per order (payable irrespective of whether recovery is successful or not)If recovery is successful, a 10% service charge on dividend amount plus transfer fee (if any) is applicableFUTU HK
U.S. tax-related administrative & handling fee*

*Only applies to client who is U.S. person as defined by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service
HKD 150 per 1099 formFUTU HK
Request for Certificate of Account Opening / Account VerificationPlease inquire FUTU SecuritiesFUTU HK
Request the central clearing house for replacement certificates or other formsPlease inquire FUTU SecuritiesFUTU HK

Note: Dividend collection on behalf of the company, if the dividend is less than 20 CNH, the actual dividend will be deducted in full.

Charges for other services not included above are subject to negotiation, please contact Futu for more information.