Interest rules

Due to daily mark-to-market, Futu will, after daily settlement, pay additional funds to the clearing house or similar institutions with respect to any open contract.

If you have available funds (cash + floating profit/loss - margin requirement) below zero in your account, and thus have insufficient settlement currency to pay any additional fund, your futures account will be charged interest.

Interest may be charged if:

1. positions are established with non-contracted currency;

2. losses are incurred when positions have not been closed out;

3. losses are incurred when positions have been closed out;

4. a higher margin requirement is demanded by the exchange or Futu.

The financing interest rate for each currency is as follows:


Financing Interest Rate





RMB (offshore)




In addition, according to the rules of the Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE) and the rules of HKFE Clearing Corporation (HKCC), if you hold a position in a contract of the HKFE and fail to meet a margin call or price adjustment request for two or more consecutive times, with the total amount involved exceeding HK$150,000, Futu reserves the right to exchange the currency in your account to avoid unnecessary interest charges.

Note: Actual interest charges shall be subject to the daily statements.