Fund Portfolio Adjustment

1. What is Fund Portfolio Adjustment?

This feature applies to Fund Portfolio, which is essentially a FOF (fund of funds). Portfolio team changes a portfolio's positions in response to market changes.

The changes only concern the portfolio itself and no extra cash is required. Cash gained from the redeemed funds during the adjustment will automatically be used to buy new funds.


2. How to adjust positions?

There’re two ways to adjust a portfolio’s positions:

1) Automatic adjustment

After activating Automatic Adjustment, each time our team makes a change, the designated portfolio’s composition will be changed accordingly.

Before the system makes a change to your portfolio, it will send you an email detailing the adjustment plan. If you don’t disable Automatic Adjustment within 24 hours, the system will make the adjustment.

Operation path: Wealth > HKD/USD Account > Portfolios > Automatic Adjustment.

You can enable or disable Automatic Adjustment at any time.

2) Manual adjustment

When our team makes an adjustment, you will receive a notification on the Position Details page of the portfolio. You can tap the notification to access the manual adjustment page.

You just need to tap the Adjustment button to confirm it. The system will automatically redeem and buy funds according to the adjustment plan.

Note: You need to update the app to the latest version to adjust positions.


3. How to view the adjustment progress?

You can view your adjustment orders via Wealth > HKD/USD Account > Transactions

In the Details page of an adjustment order, you can view the detailed information of all subscription and redemption orders, including the amount / number of units, estimated time of completion, and current status.


4. Why is my position size reduced / Why is there frozen cash in my securities account during an adjustment?

An adjustment doesn’t reduce your position size. If cash gained from redeemed funds hasn’t been used to buy other funds, your position size will be reduced temporarily, and the cash will be frozen in your securities account. After new funds are purchased, your position size will return to the previous level and the frozen cash be unfrozen.


Suppose several funds have been redeemed, and now part of the cash has been received; this part of the cash is temporarily frozen in your securities account, so your position size is reduced. When all cash has been received and used to buy new funds, your position size will return to the previous level and the frozen cash be unfrozen.


5. Do I need to pay for Portfolio Adjustment?

No fees will be charged.