FAQ about HK ETF IOP subscription

1. Which part of my funds can I use for ETF IOP subscription?

You may use the withdrawable cash in your account. But unsettled cash from assets that have just been sold cannot be used.


2. Why are my available funds less than the maximum buying power of my account?

The withdrawable amount shown on your account page is your ''Maximum Withdrawable'' whereas the amount available for subscription by cash is ''Cash Withdrawable'', which may be smaller than ''Maximum Withdrawable''. Please refer to the available cash amount shown on the IPO subscription page. As long as you subscribe within this amount limit, no interest will accrue.


3. When will my money be deducted for subscription?

After receiving your subscription, the system will freeze the required money immediately and deduct it on the Futu subscription deadline.


4. Can I cancel or edit my subscription?

You may cancel or edit your subscription before the Futu subscription deadline.


5. How do I pay back funds borrowed via Futu financing services after making new deposits?

Your new deposits will automatically cover the deficits (if any) in your account.


6. Can I use bank financing for ETF subscriptions like IPO subscriptions?

Sorry, we don't support bank financing for ETF subscriptions.


7. What if a margin call occurs after the announcement of subscription results?

If your account runs too low on funds after the announcement of subscription results, a margin call will be triggered. Please deposit sufficient money into your account before the listing date. Otherwise Futu reserves the right to carry out forced liquidation without prior notice.


8. What are the rules for ETF subscriptions? Will I get more allocation if I subscribe to more?

The allocation of ETF subscriptions depends on the number of additional shares of funds. There is no guarantee that more subscriptions will result in more allocations. Zero or only partial allocations may also happen.