FUTU HK Help Center-Other Notes on Placing US Stock Orders

Other Notes on Placing US Stock Orders

Notes on placing orders for US stocks include but are not limited to:

1. A limit order to open a position will be rejected by Futu’s risk management system if the order price deviates from the market price by more than 40%;

2. For a very small number of stocks, a fixed price is needed before an order can be placed, such as an integer multiple of 0.05 or 0.5;

3. Orders that meet Futu's risk management rules will be submitted to the clearing brokers, but they may be rejected if they do not meet the risk management rules of these clearing brokers due to some common reasons, including that the price deviates too much, trading is not available temporarily, or the corresponding stock code cannot be found;

4. The clearing brokers define an order amount of less than 100 shares as an odd lot;

5. An order submitted by a client may be submitted to a non-traditional exchange;

6. In order to execute transaction instructions, Futu will send them to the clearing brokers (including but not limited to the members of our Group).