[HK Bank] FPS transfer from CMB Wing Lung Bank


1. Your payment account name must be the same as your FUTU Securities account name. Funds transfered from third-party accounts, E-wallets or cash transfers will not be accepted.

2. Your transferred funds needs to be settled and verified after FUTU have received your transfer.

3. Due to compliance reasons (e.g. channel and country risks) and to protect the safety of your assets, Futu HK may refuse your deposit.  After the refusal, Futu HK will inform you the arrangement of the return of funds, either via the same route, or by other means.

What is FPS Transfer?

FPS Transfer is a fully connected fast payment system for banks launched by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority on 30 September 2018.

● Instant interbank transfers

● Free of charge

● FUTU supports HKD and CNH.

● Use FPS ID for funds transfer rather than account number.


1. FPS transfer on Online-Banking APP/Website (Example of deposit in HKD)

Visit CMB Wing Lung Bank website: http://www.cmbwinglungbank.com

Log in personal E-Banking and find [Banking Service] - [Fund Transfer]. Fill in the form with the following information.


Transfer to New Payee






Enter the amount you need to deposit

Payment Method

Pay to FPS Identifier

Withdrawal Amount

Select your HKD account



Beneficiary Bank


Beneficiary's Name



1. Please double check your transfer information before submit.

2. Please capture your screen after transfered for future reference.


2. Notify Futu to collect payment

After you have transferred your funds to FUTU account, you need to submit a notification on APP to notify FUTU to collect your payment. If the deposit notice is not issued for more than 20 calendar days, the fund may be returned by the bank.

FUTU will accept your deposit only if you have submitted a notification to FUTU, if not, your deposit request might be delayed.

2.1 How to submit a notification to FUTU?

PATH:Launch FUTU APP - Click [Trade] on the bottom - Click [Deposit] - Select the currency you have transfered - Select [FPS transfer] - Click [I have transferred the funds and notify FUTU to receive the Payment]

Please double check on your Remittances account and deposit currency. 


1. Please input the amount correctly, or your deposit might be delayed.

2. If you have transfered several times to FUTU, please submit the notification seperately.


3. FAQ

3.1 Check deposit history

You can check your deposit status or history in deposit history page.

PATH: Launch FUTU APP > Accounts > Any Account > More > Funds Records

3.2 Arrival time of deposit

HKD Deposit

Deposit Time Estimated Available Time
Mon 8:00 AM - Fri 3:00 PM Within 2 hours
Other times Before next Mon 11:00 AM

CNH Deposit

Deposit Time Estimated Available Time
Trading day 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Within 2 hours
Other times Before 11:00 AM next trading day

3.3 Bank fees

Majority of banks do not charge fees at this stage, but FUTU do not guarantee that some institutions do, and FUTU do not guarantee that fees might required in the future. For further details, please consult the bank.

3.4 Other questions

  1. The reference arrival time for depositing HKD is only applicable if the recipient bank is ICBC (Asia) FPS ID: 7522014.

  2. The reference arrival time for depositing CNH is only applicable if the recipient bank is Bank of China (Hong Kong) FPS ID: 1166255.

  3. The amount in arrears returned before 15:55 on the trading day will stop calculating the interests on the same day. The amount in arrears returned at other times will stop calculating interests on the next trading day.

  4. Funds are transferred instantly to Futu's account via FPS after the customer's transfer. After manual approval, funds will arrive at the customer's Futu Securities account.

  5. The funds deposited before 15:55 on the trading day will appear in the statement on the same day. The funds deposited at other times will appear in the statement on the next trading day.

  6. The above estimated available time is for reference only. The actual available time may be affected by various factors, such as holidays, incorrect information, etc. Please refer to the actual available time.


  1. The above guide screenshots are shared by users for reference only. If there is any discrepancy between the screenshots and the actual interface of the bank, please confirm with the bank regarding the filling of the content.

  2. FUTU HK may update the relevant content of this article in the help center from time to time without prior notice.

  3. FUTU HK will not be liable for any form of losses caused by this guide or content updates.