FUTU HK Help Center-FAQ about online account opening

FAQ about online account opening

The following is a list of problems you may encounter in the process of account opening for your reference. If you have any questions in the process of account opening, please call the customer service hotline (Hong Kong: +852-2523-3588, Other Regions: 400-870-1818) or contact online customer service.

1. What should I do if the account opening application is rejected?

You can view the rejected reason in the system message or email. Please click to modify your information and re-apply for opening an account. If you have any questions during the account opening process, please call the customer service hotline (Hong Kong: +852-2523-3588, Other Regions: 400-870-1818) or contact online customer service.


2. What if I can't upload photos?

2.1 If you are using a browser or WeChat, you can download the FUTU APP to continue to open an account;

2.2 You can either clean the operating memory or restart the phone before trying again;

2.3 You can use the system camera to take photos firstly, and then in the upload page select uploading from the album ;

2.4 If you open an account in a time zone other than Beijing time, please set your mobile time zone to Beijing time.


3. What if the bank card verification fails?

3.1 Please confirm that the bank card is in your name, the bank card number and the bank name are entered correctly, and the card should be a debit card. The ID card used in account opening must be the same as the ID card used on the previous page;

3.2 You can switch the debit card of other banks for verification. Debit cards of Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, China Citic Bank, and other large banks are recommended.


4. What if the ID card recognition is wrong?

4.1 You can delete the photo you uploaded, and shoot and upload a new one;

4.2 If it does not work, tap 「Edit」 at the bottom of the page to edit your information;

4.3 If the problem still exists, you can contact customer service.


5. What if I fail to submit my electronic signature?

5.1 First, confirm whether the network of your device is in normal condition;

5.2 If the network is in normal condition, check your system version. If it is iOS 10 or later, try upgrading the system or changing your device.


6. What if uploading or verification fails and a delete button appears during face verification?

6.1 Since uploading videos requires a high-quality network, please confirm your network conditions;

6.2 You can upload your video again, or delete it, shoot a new one, and upload it (the length needs to range from 3 to 6 seconds);

6.3 Confirm whether the subject in the video is you yourself, and check the shooting environment to see whether it was too dark, whether you were standing against the light, and whether your face was covered;

6.4 Check whether the front of your ID card in the uploaded photo is blurry, reflective, tilted, or has too much white space around;

6.5 If there is a significant discrepancy between your face and the facial image on your ID card due to any change in your appearance, you may fail to verify yourself against the public security database. Please contact customer service for witness methods.


7. What if I only want to open a fund account?

If you would like to activate trading permissions exclusively for mutual funds and do not require trading permissions for other product types, please click here.