About address proof

If the address on the ID card is inconsistent with the current residential address, clients need to provide Address Proof. 

1. What is Address Proof?

Address proof is a document certifying your residential address, such as a utility bill, a telecommunications statement, a credit card statement, etc. It should contain the issuing agency, your name, address, the issue date within the last three months.

P.S. Please provide the original address proof.

2. Common Address Proof

2.1 Utility Bills

2.2 Bank Statement

2.3 Credit Card Statement

2.4 Telephone Bills

2.5 Broker's Letter

For the broker's letter or daily or monthly statement with the address issued within three months. If the address is the company's address, make sure it is the current company's address, and it needs to be detailed to a building or even a room.