About personal verification

1. What is 「Personal Verification」?

「Personal Verification」 refers to the review and verification of the authenticity of an applicant's identity by the Futubull Community based on the relevant information submitted by the applicant. After verification, a verification icon and the verified information will be displayed next to the user name.

2. What is the difference between 「Sign-up」 and 「Verification」?

Currently, "Verification" is done through offline review.

In order to ensure the authenticity and security of applicants’ qualification information, we will verify their identities in accordance with the "Futubull Community Personal Verification Guidelines". After verification, an orange verification icon will be displayed next to each applicant’s account.

3. What are the eligible individuals for personal verification?

Currently, the eligible individuals for person verification include:

1) Executives and investor relations personnel of listed companies or pre-IPO companies;

2) Well-known public economists, financial columnists, scholars from financial research institutions, economics professors from universities;

3) Well-known individual investors, partners, and founders of famous investment companies;

4) Practitioners of audit firms, accounting firms, tax firms, law firms, third-party rating agencies, and other firms and rating agencies; and

5) Practitioners in the financial sector, such as analysts and researchers with relevant professional qualifications, and department directors or higher-level personnel of securities, fund, and foreign exchange companies.

Users can apply according to their own situation.

4. What are the specific requirements for submitting application materials?

In order to ensure the authenticity and security of their qualification information, applicants need to prepare a full set of materials according to their own situation, including personally identifiable information, professional certifications, etc. and should ensure the clarity and validity of these materials. For detailed instructions on the materials that need to be submitted, please send an email to our official email @ sns@futunn.com.

5. What is the validity period of personal verification?

Personal verification is not valid permanently. It is valid for 365 days each time from the date when the account is successfully verified.

Verified users need to initiate and complete an annual review of their verification 30 working days before the expiration date, for which they should finish the procedures for annual review and submit required materials. If they fail to complete the annual review in time or fail to pass the annual review, their verification will expire after the expiration date, and will no longer enjoy the rights and interests corresponding to a verified account.

6. How to 「Get Verified」?

There are two ways to get verified as follows.

Be invited by the Futubull Community

We will proactively invite eligible users to apply for verification. The eligible users need to submit complete and clear supporting materials and will get the verification icon after these materials have passed our review.

Initiate an individual application

Users who need to apply for verification can send an email to our official email @sns@futunn.com to obtain the verification guidelines.

After relevant verification materials are submitted, the Futubull Community will complete the review within 5 working days.

Note: The Futubull Community reserves the right of final interpretation of the above content to the extent permitted by law. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact us by email @sns@futunn.com.