Notes on the verification system of Futubull accounts

1. Why introduce the verification system for my account?

In order to build a friendly and sincere community and further protect your account's safety and other legitimate rights, we need to verify your account.

2. How to verify my account?

By binding your account with your mobile phone number.

Method 1: You can verify by clicking on the Verification Link and following instructions.

Method 2: You can also complete the real-name verification on the Futubull App.

Detailed Steps in the App: "Me - Settings - Account and Security - Phone Number - Phone Number Verification"

3. What will happen if I don't verify my account?

You can't comment, upload profile, chat or post content without account verification, but basic operations such as viewing and liking posts won't be affected.

Note: If you have any trouble during verification, please contact Customer Service in the Futubull App or reach out to admin(ID: 999997).