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Dark trading

Dark marketis a unique way of trading in the Hong Kong stock market, also known as over-the-counter trading, refers to the direct realization of quotation brokering in the internal system of some large securities firms without the matchmaking of the HKEx trading system. Because the trading is not exposed to the public and will not be disclosed through the SEHK, these "invisible" transactions are called dark trading.

Once a buyer reports the price and quantity he is willing to buy over the counter, whether or not a seller sells it, it becomes a dark offer price. In general, before the listing of new shares, we can know the popularity of new shares through the dark market price.

Dark trading usually takes place between 16:15 and 18:30 after the close of the day before the IPO.

The advantage of dark trading is that it can buy new shares one step faster; lock in earnings, stop losses in time, and provide reference for the trend of new stocks.