IPO roadshow: a survey of Investment intentions

Hong Kong stock IPO roadshow

Roadshow is a publicity campaign arranged by stock underwriters for issuers prior to the issuance of new shares. Through roadshows, underwriters and issuers can objectively determine the volume, price, and timing of issuance. Usually, the sales department of an investment bank is responsible for contacting institutional investors in major financial centers around the world, arranging the itinerary, and then hand off to companies specializing in arranging roadshows.

Roadshow is a widely used way of promoting IPOs. It is a sales pitch made by the underwriting firm and a company's management team to potential investors before going public. Through roadshows, potential investors are introduced to the company, its history, and its key personnel. During this process, underwriters and the issuing company will also be able to get a sense of investors' investment intentions.

After receiving approval for issuance, the next steps are as follow:

1) Prepare roadshow information:Including roadshow PPT, company promotional film,  investment value report written by sponsor researcher, and other documents.

2) Public roadshow: Visit institutional investors, conduct one-on-one meetings and promotions, hold roadshow promotional meetings, and openly invite institutional investors to participate.

3) Inquiry, pricing: the issue price is determined by the quotation of the participating placing agencies comprehensively.

5) Online roadshow

6) Off-line allotment

7) Online issuance

8) Going public