What is the price of admission fee for new shares encyclopedia in Hong Kong

The funds required to participate in a Hong Kong IPO refers to the minimum amount required to request a Hong Kong IPO stock, which equals to the value of one lot of the shares. For a Hong Kong IPO stock, the company going public offers a price band with a cap price and a floor price specified. When investors are requesting IPO shares, the amount of money frozen will be calculated based on the cap price. On the allotment day, if the number of shares allotted far exceeds the offering size, the issue price will be the cap price. Conversely, when a stock is undersubscribed, the issue price will be the floor price or somewhere in the middle of the price band.

Minimum Amount Required= The Value of One Lot of The Shares=(1+1.00785%)*Number of Shares in One Lot*Cap Price

Notes: The amount of funds which is equal to "1.0085% * Number of Shares in One Lot*Cap Price" will be refunded if you are not allotted shares (1.0085%=1% Commission + 0.0027% SFC Levy + 0.00565% HKEX trading fee+0.00015% FRC Levy).