Operation guide for binding Futu Token through mobile terminal Futubull

You can bind the Futubull account and Futu token through the authorization of the Futubull mobile app. The steps are as follows:

1. Click "Open Futubull" of Futu Token, Futu Token will open the Futubull application installed on the mobile phone;

2. Before binding, you need to log in to the Futubull app. If the Futubull account to be bound has been logged in to the Futubull, you will directly enter the binding process;

3. Confirm that the Futubull account information is correct and click "Confirm binding";

4. Enter the unlocking password of the 4-digit Futu token. If it is the first time you try binding, you need to initialize the 4-digit unlocking password. After the unlocking password is verified, if you see a 6-digit dynamic password page, the binding is successful.

Reminder: After completing the binding of Futu Token, you need to activate Futu Token in the Futubull app to upgrade the transaction protection.