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Trial fund coupons

Trial Fund coupons

Trial Fund coupons is a prize presented by an event organized by Futu. Use experience coupons to subscribe for virtual funds without depositing funds, and obtain benefits after the experience period ends according to the face value of the experience coupons and fluctuations in the net value of the fund.

Rules of Use

Only one trial Fund coupons can be used at a time, and the used coupon cannot be used again;

Trial Fund coupons can be used at any time, including weekends and holidays. You cannot manually stop using it after use, and it will automatically end after the expiration period.

You need to select the corresponding fund market and fund account when using it. If you have not yet opened a fund account, you need to open an account before using it.

Multiple trial Fund coupons can be used to buy the same fund, and the final income will be calculated and issued separately according to each order.

Revenue calculation rules

Share confirmation time: the coupon time is before 12:00 noon on the trading day to confirm the share on the same day, and the share is confirmed on the next trading day after 12:00 noon;

Earning calculation time: After the share is confirmed, the net value change starts to calculate the previous day's earnings; after the expiration of the experience period, the day's earnings before the expiry date are calculated and all earnings calculations are completed;

Treatment of negative income: If the final return of the experience fund is negative, the system will not issue activity rewards. The negative return value is only reflected in the "experience fund" module and does not affect normal fund transactions. Futu will not charge you the amount corresponding to the negative return value.

Time of income distribution

All the benefits of a single coupon will be combined and calculated after the end of the experience period, and a revenue distribution record will be generated. After review, it will be issued to the user account (priority issued to the securities account), and will be listed in "Me-Coupons-History-Discount Details" Show

Other terms and conditions

Trial Fund coupons reward does not constitute Futu's offer, solicitation, suggestion, opinion or any guarantee for any securities, financial products or tools. Investment is risky and you must be cautious when entering the market; transactions using experience gold are virtual transactions.

The amount of trial Fund coupons after verification is provided by Futu and has no relationship with the corresponding company of the securities exchange;

In case of any dispute, the organizer reserves the right of final interpretation.