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Cash coupons

Cash coupons

Cash coupons are prizes presented by events organized by Futu, which can be directly exchanged for cash rewards after use. The cash will be issued to your securities account within 3 working days after use.

Rules for using cash coupons

Only one cash coupon can be used at a time, and the used cash coupon cannot be used again;

Cash coupons must be used in "Me-Coupons", and cash rewards will be directly issued to the corresponding securities account after use.

When using, there must be a securities account in the corresponding market. If there is no account, you need to open an account before using it.

Other terms and conditions

Cash coupon discount does not constitute an offer, solicitation, suggestion, opinion or any guarantee for any securities, financial products or tools. Investment is risky and you must be cautious when entering the market;

The amount of the cash coupons after verification is provided by Futu Securities, and has nothing to do with the corresponding company of the securities exchange;

In case of any dispute, the organizer reserves the right of final interpretation.