Conditions Cards - candlestick conditions

Candlestick Conditions Cards include Candle Open, Candle Close, Candle High, Candle Low, Candlestick Chg, Candlestick % Chg, Candle Volume, Candle Turnover, and Candle Turnover Rate. They are used to obtain date from every candlestick.


Explanation of Parameters

1. "Period"

If you select "Custom Period", the bars for the specified period will be combined into one bar, and the data from the combined bar will be selected.

For example: If you set the "Custom Period" for Candle High as 20 D, the bar you select will give you the highest prices in the last 20 days.

2. "Selection"

"The latest" Bar vs "Second to last" Bar

● "The latest" bar has not closed. The close, high, low and other data are still changing.

● The "Second to last" bar has closed, and the data will not change.