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Operation Card - Place Order

1. Symbols available to trade

Live trading and backtesting are available for financial securities in each market. View the table below for the specific securities and symbols available to trade in your market.

Market Product Backtest Live Trading
FUTU HK Moomoo US Moomoo SG Moomoo AU Moomoo JP
Hong Kong Stocks, ETFs, Warrants, CBBCs, Inline Warrants ×
Options × × × × ×
Futures × × × ×
United States Stocks, ETFs ×
Options × × ×
Futures × × ×
China A-Shares (Northbound) × ×
Non-A-Shares (Northbound) × × × × ×
Singapore Stocks, ETFs, REITs, DLCs × × × × × ×
Futures × × ×
Japan Stocks, ETFs, REITs × × × × × ×
Futures × × × ×
Australia Stocks × × × × × ×

Futures live trading is currently only available for trading accounts with Moomoo SG or FUTU HK and is not yet supported by accounts with Moomoo US or Moomoo AU. Futures trading involves high risks and is not suitable for all investors. The amount you could lose may be greater than your initial investment.


2. Order Type

Select the correct order type for your product from the available options when placing an order.

Market Product Limit Order Market Order Stop Market Order Stop Limit Order Market If Touched Order Limit If Touched Order Trailing Stop Market Order Trailing Stop Limit Order
Hong Kong Stocks, ETFs, Warrants, CBBCs, Inline Warrants
Options X X X X
Futures X X X
United States Stocks, ETFs
Futures X X X
China A-Shares X X X X
(For Backtests Only)
Singapore Futures X X X X
Japan Futures X X X X


3. Price

Limit (Lmt) Price: Set a specific price limit in multiples of the minimum price change unit. Otherwise, the order may not be accepted by the exchange.

Market (Mkt) Price: The order will be filled based on the security's last traded price.

Mid Price: The order takes the average of the best bid and asks prices, adjusted to the nearest integer multiple of the minimum price change unit.

Best Bid and Offer (BBO): Buy orders will be filled at the lowest sell price. Sell orders will be filled at the highest buy price.


4. Quantity (Qty)

The quantity of the order size depends on the type of security.


  • For futures and options, 1 share equals 1 contract.


  • For US stocks, 1 lot equals 1 share.

  • For HK stocks, the lot size varies by securities.

  • For A-shares, 1 lot equals 100 shares.

  • For futures and options, 1 lot equals 1 contract.

Order size

When selecting Max Qty to Buy (Margin), Max Qty to Buy (Cash), Max Qty to Sell, Max Qty to Sell Short, or Max Qty to Buyback:

  • The order size is rounded down to the nearest whole lot number after applying the specified percentage.

For example, to purchase 200 Tencent shares, an order for 60% of that amount results in an order for 100 shares. One lot of Tencent equals 100 shares.

For detailed information, refer to Condition Cards - Max Qty to Buy or Sell.


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