FUTU HK Help Center-Task center introduction

Task center introduction

Dear Client: 

Welcome to Task Center!  First, a brief introduction: 

1. About the Task Center

The task center is a system established to help everyone know how to use the product functions of app. Here you can get familiar with app by finishing various tasks and get rewards such as points.

2. Task Center functions

2.1 Sign in

● Sign in every day

You can enter the Task Center to sign in every day to get points. Mysterious rewards are waiting for you when you sign in for consecutive days.

Re-sign-in is not supported currently. But don’t worry, your sign-in days will be recorded in the accumulated sign-in days.

● Sign-in badges

It represents your sign-in achievement in the Task Center, and it is wearable when it is lit. 

2.2 Tasks

● Daily tasks

Different tasks will be randomly presented for users, which can help users gain more market insights and learn more investment knowledge. 

● Surprise tasks

We will randomly issue surprise tasks, and more rewards are waiting for you. 

2.3 Past tasks

Record the tasks you have completed in the past, including one-time tasks and repeatable tasks.

Daily tasks can be done again after completion, such as doing a paper trading.

Special tasks cannot be done again, such as opening an account.

Once a special task is completed, you can earn points, ranging from 200-2500. special tasks mainly include: Deposit Funds, Open Account, Certify Professional Investor, etc.

Come and explore Task Center together!