Open interest & settlement price of futures

Settlement Price is the benchmark price for the trading margin and profit and loss settlement for open positions after trading ends, and is calculated and provided by the exchange based on trading conditions. The intraday rise and fall of futures is equal to (current market price-yesterday's settlement price)/yesterday's settlement price * 100%. When the settlement price is not announced during the night market, the closing price of the previous day is used for calculation. The change of day K line is also calculated using the closing price.

Open interest: The exchange will announce the open interest of each contract after the closing of each trading day. Daily holdings increasing = today's holdings-last day's holdings, if it is negative, it means a decrease.

For Hong Kong stock futures with a night market, a complete time-sharing chart is night market + day market. At 20:00 on every trading day, the change in the position of the previous trading day will be updated. The position at this time is the position after settlement on the T-1 day. The daily holdings increasing represents the difference between the T-1 trading day and the T-2 trading day changes in open interest. The change in open interest in the night market will be updated at 7:30 in the morning. At this time, the open interest is the open interest after the night market on T day. The daily holdings increasing represents the change in open interest on trading day T relative to trading day T-1.