Tax self-certification statement

The Client acknowledges and agrees that (a) the information contained in the Account Opening Form is collected and may be kept by the Futu Securities International (Hong Kong) Limited (“Futu Securities”) for the purpose of automatic exchange of financial account information, and (b) such information and information regarding the account holder or controlling person and any reportable account(s) may be reported by Futu Securities to the Inland Revenue Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and exchanged with the tax authorities of another jurisdiction or jurisdiction in which the account holder or controlling person may be resident for tax purposes, pursuant to the legal provisions for exchange of financial account information provided under the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap.112).

The Client certifies that the Client is the account holder, controlling person or the person who is authorized to sign for the account holder of all the account(s) established and maintained with Futu Securities.

The Client undertakes to advise Futu Securities of any change in circumstances which affects the tax residency status of the individual or entity identified in the Account Opening Form or causes the information contained herein to become incorrect, and to provide Futu Securities with a suitably updated Self-Certification Form or any applicable forms within 30 days of such change in circumstances.

The Client declares that the information given and statements made in the Account Opening Form are, to the best of my/our knowledge and belief, true, correct and complete.

It is an offence under section 80(2E) of the Inland Revenue Ordinance if any person, in making a self-certification, makes a statement that is misleading, false or incorrect in a material particular and knows, or is reckless as to whether, the statement is misleading, false or incorrect in a material particular. A person who commits the offence is liable on conviction to a fine at level 3 (i.e. $10,000).