HK stock Auto-Invest plan

1. Fees Charged by FUTU

Type Fees Charged by
Commission 0.03% *transaction amount,minimum HK$3/order (waived during the commission-free period) FUTU HK
Platform Fees 0.30% *transaction amount,minimum HK$5/trade,maximum HK$15 FUTU HK


2. Other Fees

Type Fees Charged by
Trading Tariff HK$0.50/trade(cancelled from 1 January 2023) HKEX
Settlement Fees 0.002% *transaction amount, minimum HK$2/trade, maximumHK$100/trade HKEX
Stamp Duty 0.1% *transaction amount, rounded up to the nearest dollar HK Gov
Trading Fees

0.00565%*transaction amount, minimum HK$0.01/trade

SFC Transaction Levy 0.0027% *transaction amount, minimum HK$0.01/trade HK SFC
FRC Transaction Levy 0.00015%*transaction amount HK FRC


① Commissions can be reduced by using the commission-free seed.

Commission and pass-through fees are calculated based on your HK stock trading fee plans.

② Platform fees are different from your HK stock trading fee plans. If there are any discrepancies, please refer to the HK Stock Auto-Invest Plan fee page.

③ Unless otherwise specified, the contribution day of the "Monthly HK Stocks Investment Plan" will be on the 15th day of each month(monthly) or every Wednesday(weekly). If such day is not a stock trading day, contribution day will fall on the next stock trading day.

④ No extra charge upon modification/suspension/termination of the plan.

⑤ Fees and charges may vary in real time according to the HKEX or relevant regulatory authorities, please refer to the final announcements.

⑥ FRC Transaction Levy will be effective from January 1, 2022.