Assets in transit

1. What are assets in transit?

Assets in transit refer to the assets that you actually hold but have not yet arrived in your account. Assets in transit occur when a business and the corresponding asset changes are not in sync. For example, in a business, after your money is deducted, it might take a few days for the corresponding stock to arrive in your account.

2. How to view assets in transit?

You can view your assets in transit via 「Accounts > Any Account > Assets > Enter Account Details Page > Assets in Transit」.

3. When will I have assets in transit?

Currently assets in transit occur in the event of Hong Kong IPO subscriptions, cash transfer between Moomoo Financial Inc. and Futu Securities, and rights issue.

4. Are assets in transit included in my total assets?

Yes. Your total assets include your cash balance and the market value of your positions, as well as your assets in transit. In particular, your assets in transit may take the form of cash or stocks.

5. When will my assets in transit arrive?

It depends on the type of business. For example, the assets in transit due to Hong Kong IPO subscriptions will arrive on the day allotment results are announced. Such arrival date is an estimate and for reference only. The actual arrival date depends on the specific business, and Futu does not make any guarantee. After arrival, your assets in transit will be converted into the corresponding assets.

6. Will assets in transit affect my buying power?

Not for the time being. In the future, certain buying power will be granted based on assets in transit.

7. Will assets in transit appear on my statements?

No. Currently they are only displayed on your app and not included in settlement.