Bond Fees

1. Transaction Fees

Transaction fees include commissions and platform fees, which are calculated as follows:

1) Sovereign bonds (including U.S. Treasury bonds): transaction nominal value * 0.08%
2) Corporate bonds, LGFV bonds, financial bonds, etc.: transaction nominal value * 0.16%
3) Distressed bonds (see reminder displayed on the bond details page): transaction nominal value * 0.36%

Platform fee: 
transaction nominal value * 0.04% (min USD2, max USD15) 

You can check the specific rate of each bond on the bond details page > Transaction Rules > Transaction Fees.

2. Custody Fees

Custody fees are charged after you buy a bond, based on the market value of your position, and will stop being charged after you sell the bond. They are frozen on a daily basis and are deducted on a monthly basis. Custody fees for a month are deducted early next month. The formula to calculate custody fees is as follows:

Custody Fee = Daily Market Value * 0.08% / 365

In particular, Market Value is calculated according to the mid-closing price (average of the Indicative Bid Price and the Indicative Ask Price).