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Top 0DTE options by volume

1. What Are 0DTE Options?

0DTE options, or zero days to expiration options, are options contracts that expire within the trading day.

Most weekly options expire on Friday. For actively traded symbols like SPY and QQQ, exchanges provide weekly options that expire every trading day of the week.

2. Features of 0DTE Options

2.1 Good liquidity and small bid-ask spreads.

2.2 Time premium rapidly decays:

For out-of-the-money (OTM) options, if they are still OTM upon expiration, their value turns zero;

For in-the-money (ITM) options, their extrinsic value quickly decays within the day, leaving only intrinsic value.

2.3 Holding 0DTE options has the risk of them being exercised. Make sure you have adequate knowledge before trading.

3. Top 0DTE Options by Volume

The feature presents SPY and QQQ’s most-traded 0DTE Call and Put every trading day of the week.

Tap the Call or Put to enter the detailed quotes page.