Quote card related

1. Ordinary immediate market

Futu Securities to all users to provide free ordinary real-time market, users manually refresh to obtain the latest price, no disk information.

2. Securities & Derivatives LV2 (streaming quotation)

LV2 quotation (streaming quotation) can push the latest offer in real time, and provide real-time case-by-case, buying and selling broker and trading file data of Securities & Warrants & CBBC & Derivatives.

Users can upgrade to LV2 if necessary.

3. Hong Kong stocks advanced overall market (SF)

Compared with LV2, the market is faster and the data is more complete one by one. Increase the number of "40" files in the trading order. Buy and sell Economic queue supports viewing order quantity.

In addition, in the past, all activities of free LV2 streaming quotation have been suspended, please pay attention to other market discount activities that are carried out on an irregular basis, during which you will have the opportunity to obtain LV2 streaming quotation free of charge. The time provided is subject to the notice of the activity.

Official website purchase link: [click here to enter]

You can also go to the mobile terminal and purchase the line card directly through the in-house purchase.