FUTU HK Help Center-What is ex-right

What is ex-right

● A listed company distributes stock dividends to shareholders, that is, when the company’s surplus is converted to capital increase, or when shares are allocated, the stock price must be ex-rights (XR). 

● When a listed company distributes its surplus to shareholders in cash, the stock price will go ex-dividend (XD). 

● DR means that the day is the ex-dividend and ex-rights day of this stock, D is the abbreviation of DIVIDEND (interest), and R is the abbreviation of RIGHT (right). When a listed company announces a bonus or allotment, the stock is called a stock with rights before the bonus shares have not been allocated and the allotment has not been allocated.

The stock company that needs to go through the ex-rights formalities must first report to the competent authority for approval. After the ex-right is granted, the company can determine the equity registration base date and the ex-right base date. Any shareholder who owns the stock on the equity registration date has the right to receive or subscribe for equity and can participate in dividends or allotment.