Airport Authority Retail Bonds

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HKIA's $50 billion Retail Bond Subscription Scheme (Listing No:$ Authority 2018 (04701.HK) $), Futu Securities has launched a maximum of 12 free offers to new customers. The customer exemption fee includes: purchase renewal fee, application application fee, bank expansion deposit, warehouse fee, immobile fee, trust fee, transfer fee, proxy income renewal fee, hard disk transaction fee, gold hard disk trading platform use fee, term return fee, Hong Kong stock exchange fee (Applicable to new customers and first-generation commission-free).

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1. Agency Retail Bonds | What are Agency Retail Bonds?

Hong Kong Airport Authority bonds are bonds issued by the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK). The Hong Kong Airports Authority is the statutory body responsible for the operation and management of Hong Kong International Airport. The bond is often used as a fund-raising tool to fund airport development plans, infrastructure improvements, or other operations-related expenses.

2. Agency Retail Bonds | What is the maturity?

The bond has a maturity of 2.5 years until August 5, 2026.

3. Aviation Authority Retail Bonds | How much does it cost per entry?

The subscription threshold is not high, only $10,000 per hand.

4. Agency Retail Bonds | What is the Interest Rate? When will the dividend be paid?

The annual interest rate is 4.25 cm. Interest is paid at the end of every 3 months, i.e. 4 rates for 1 year and a total of 10 payments for 2.5 years.

Agency Retail Bonds | Interest Rate


5. Aircraft Authority Retail Bonds | Subscription Date and Method

Hong Kong Airport Management Bond Notes will be accepted for purchase from January 17 and will cease until 2pm on January 25. I bought the bonds in Futu, starting at 10:30am today.

Agency Retail Bonds | Subscription Date


6.What application methods can be used by applying for retail bonds under Futu?

Futu Securities Hong Kong Airport Management Board Bonds Application Support for Universal Purchases and Bank Financing Applications. Customers can apply for Hong Kong Airport Management Bond Bonds using the Futu Financing Cap and the Bank Financing Cap. The Futu Finance Limit includes the amount not received and the number of shares held by you as a result of initiating a systematic purchase, which will include your purchases of US shares/A shares and assets related to the account. POWER.

7. Do I hold a currency fund, can I apply immediately?

You can apply for Hong Kong Airports Authority Bonds immediately after clicking the Redeem button on the Fund Holders page. If you have activated the automatic redemption function of the currency fund, you can apply immediately without clicking the “Redeem” button, and the system will help you to redeem it automatically.


The Chief Strategist of Futu Securities Hong Kong said that due to the lower volume of retail bonds issued on this occasion, the maximum issuance amount was HK$50, and only one fourth of the green bonds for the first time, plus the existence of a hedging mechanism, and the adoption of a circular distribution mechanism, recommended that 3-10 hands be purchased, and bought more The number of hands, chances and all hands are increased.

9.How to apply for retail bonds in Futu?

Once the application has started, you can search and apply for Hong Kong Airport Management Bonds by going to Futubull APP > Market Cap > Hong Kong Stock Exchange > Sung New Share Centre.

Note: Applicants applying for Hong Kong Airport Management Bond through Futu shall have a Futu Securities Account. Open now, you can enjoy up to $1900 Welcome Bonus, which also includes Alibaba and Google shares.

The steps to open an account are simple and complete in just 3 minutes:

  1. Head over to Futu and sign up for a new account.(Register now)

  2. You need to open a securities account on the basis of a Futu Securities account by purchasing the Futu Bank's retail bonds(Open account now)

  3. Fund Deposit Fill in your personal and financial details and then deposit funds via EdDA Quick Deposit, Fast Transfer (FPS), Bank Transfer.(Invest immediately)

Subscription of Retail Bonds by the Agency

4. Follow the steps above to find and subscribe for ICB Retail Bonds once you have opened your account.

For more information, see:Futu Airport Management Board Retail Bonds FAQ

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