Futu's Wealth Management AUM Crosses HKD30 Billion, Serving 260K Clients First Distributor of a BlackRock New Fund in Hong Kong

(Hong Kong – 6 December, 2022)

Futu Holdings Limited (“Futu” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: FUTU), a leading tech-driven digitalized brokerage and wealth management platform, is pleased to announce that the Assets Under Management (“AUM”) in its wealth management business under Futu Money Plus (“Money Plus”) has surpassed HK$30 billion with expedited growth. The number of fund investors rose to 260,000. In recognition of its stellar operational and growth performance, Futu was ranked second on Fortune's "100 Fastest-Growing Companies list 2022" earlier, being the top-ranked financial company this year. 


Fund business grows at breakneck speed; became the first distributor of BlackRock Global Fund - China Innovation Fund in Hong Kong
Sparing no effort in upgrading its products and services, Futu has been actively expanding its fund products to meet the changing investment needs amid a volatile market. Money Plus has recently become the first distributor of BlackRock Global Fund - China Innovation Fund# in Hong Kong, which is managed by the experienced BlackRock global tech team and global emerging markets team within the active equities investment team. The Fund aims to capture growth at the forefront of disruptive technologies in the Greater China and Asia Pacific regions.  


Achieves 230 million profit a month for fund clients with demand surge of money market funds
Against the backdrop of an inflationary environment under the rate hike pressure, Money market fund has become prevalent on the platform among funds. According to Futu Securities' data, money market fund clients have earned HKD 16.1 million^ in one week. From an overall perspective, Futu Securities made a total of 230 million* returns for its fund clients in the past month. 


Steve Zeng, Head of Global Strategy and Wealth Management at Futu Holdings Limited said, “Driven by our profound partnerships with reputable fund houses, unmatched technology capabilities, and customer-oriented corporate value, Futu has become a go-to partner for wealth management among investors. Since the establishment of Futu Money Plus, the company’s wealth management business recorded exponential growth, shortening the crossing of each HK$10 billion AUM from 21 months, 15 months, to eight months currently.  At the end of the third quarter this year, 68 renowned fund houses partnered with Money Plus in offering bespoke fund products through our platforms. Going forward, we are set to broaden and strengthen cooperation with international financial institutions, to serve more fund investors as a top-of-mind trusted wealth management partner. We are well prepared for more capital and client influx through our hassle-free fund subscription and redemption, product diversity, and technology-driven fund selection capability.”


#The content is not investment advice and does not constitute any offer or solicitation to offer or recommendation of any investment product
^Data source: Futu Securities' data for the period of 8-15 November, 2022
*Data source: Futu Securities' data for the period of 24 October-24 November, 2022