Futu X Citybus & NWFB jointly launch the first FUTU BUS to offer free rides every Friday to Hong Kong people With online interactive mini-games & limited souvenirs giveaway

(Hong Kong-23 June, 2022)

Futu Securities International (Hong Kong) Limited (「Futu」), is stepping up to bring cheer and good vibes to the Hong Kong people by launching a one-year free bus ride plan with Citybus and NWFB. Beginning tomorrow(24th), a designated Futu Bus will run on the road and take Hong Kong people to commute every Friday for free. The bus route will rotate monthly to benefit the commuters from different districts in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. In addition, the designated bus plying the established route will also be turning into a specially designed "Futu Bus". For the coming year, the mass public need only to board this themed Futu bus to enjoy the free ride service on the happy Fridays. 

The design of Futu Bus features "Carrying You Every Day" dedicated to the hard-working Hong Kongers

The FUTU bus is designed to feature the famous Futu blue, while also depicting the mascot Futubull wearing a suit and holding a briefcase. The stairway, handrails, etc. in the carriage will also be wrapped with the Futubull theme, representing FUTU's wish to support working people to its best - especially in cheering Hong Kongers in their regular commutes by sharing a moment of joy and feeling encouraged.

FUTU Bus to run starting tomorrow, with different routes featured over months

FUTU bus will travel around Hong Kong starting from tomorrow until June 2023. The bus is estimated to depart 10 times per day on average. The free bus route in June is Citybus Route 788, which runs from Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal to Siu Sai Wan. The first bus will depart from Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal at 7:05 a.m. tomorrow, passing through the commercial areas on Hong Kong Island including Central and Wan Chai, etc. Starting in July, the cross-harbor route 930 of Citybus which runs between Wan Chai and Tsuen Wan will take over, and the rest of the routes will be updated and announced on Futu official Facebook page. Whenever you come across a FUTU bus on a Friday, you can ride for free!

Interactive mini-games launched on Futu social media giving away limited souvenirs

To celebrate the launch of Futu Bus, Futu is also rolling out a series of interactive mini-games on its official social media platforms featuring giveaway of limited souvenirs, including a Futu design octopus card worth HKD150, and a 1:76 ratio bus model worth HKD580.

Mr. Leaf Hua Li, the founder of Futu Securities, said: 「As a local brand which was founded and set up to develop in HK originally, Futu has always sought to stand by and accompany the Hong Konger through thick and thin, highs and the lows or otherwise. Apart from our goals of catering Hong Kong people's investment and daily living needs where possible, we also hope to take this opportunity to commit further to the promise of growing together with Hong Kong people. The Futu Bus will represent Futu to share love and support across the community.  

Citybus and NWFB spokesperson, said: 「We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Futu on this meaningful CSR campaign - a one-year free bus ride program, which will cover multiple bus routes across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. In the future, we hope to continue to join hands with Futu in driving innovative technology to promote net-zero emissions and encourage citizens to switch to an eco-friendly way of commute by using public transport.」

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