How do Clients in Hong Kong and Overseas Open Accounts?

1. Description of account opening methods

1.1 Account Opening by Online Transfer

To open an account online, you need to transfer not less than HKD 10,000 or USD 1,500 from your own bank account in Hong Kong.  

1.2 Account Opening by the Offline Witness

1.2.1 Make an appointment online and witness offline. Make an appointment to open an account with Futu staff in a designated place (currently only available in Hong Kong).  

1.2.2 Visit Futu Securities Hong Kong Headquarters, no reservation required

Address: Unit C1-2, 13F, United Centre, No. 95 Queensway, Admiralty, HK
Telephone: +852-2523 3588
Account certificates: Click to view

1.3 Account Opening by Check

1.3.1 Please prepare the following documents for account opening by check
Copy of identity document: Non-Hong Kong permanent residents are required to provide additional proof of national identity.
Copy of address proof: date of issue is within 3 months
Account opening form: Print the completed form and sign it by yourself (signature should be the same as the check signature, and do not sign in the witness part).
Your own signature check, a bank account in Hong Kong for at least HKD10,000. Title: Futu Securities International (Hong Kong) Limited.

1.3.2 Delivery Methods
Method 1: home access service
Futu Securities alliance offers free courier service by LALAMOVE and the carrier can pick up the documents for you and send them to Futu. Please place all the documents in a briefcase or envelope so that the carrier can collect the documents. Carrier Phone: +852-2523 3588

Method 2: mail by yourself
You may also mail the documents to Futu
Mailing Address: Unit C1-2, 13F, United Centre, No. 95 Queensway, Admiralty, HK
Recipient: Account Opening Department
Recipient Phone Number: +852-2523 3588

2. Account Registration

(1)Fill in the mobile phone number
(2)Perform security verification and send verification code
(3)Fill in the verification code
(4)Set login password
(5)Click "Submit" to complete the registration

3. Select Account Opening Methods

At this time, you have successfully registered your account and entered the account opening page for Hong Kong and overseas users.

4. Online Transfer Verification

4.1 Online transfer verification

When you select the online transfer verification method, please carefully check the steps of account opening, check the "I agree to sign all client agreements", and click "Open Accounts" to enter the account opening process.

4.2 Fill in the Identity Information and Upload the ID Certificate

Fill in your identity information and upload the corresponding ID certificate photos according to the page prompt.

4.3 Fill in the Residential Address and Upload the Proof of Address

Fill in your residential address and upload the proof of address according to the page prompt.

4.4 Fill in the Employment Information, Financial Information, and Investment Experience

Fill in your employment information, financial information, and investment experience according to the page prompt.

4.5 Fill in the Tax Residency and Other Disclosures

Fill in your tax residency and other disclosures information according to the page prompt.

4.6 Account Selection

Select the account you need to open. By default, select the HK margin account, US margin account, Northbound Margin Account, and fund accounts. You can manually cancel the account you do not want to open.

4.7 Risk Disclosures

A licensed representative will give you an audio explanation of the major risks in the HK and US stock markets. You can turn up the volume on your phone.

4.8 Authentication

Use your bound mobile phone number for SMS verification.

4.9 Confirm Information and Sign

Check the information you have filled in. If there is any error, you can directly click "Modify" to modify the corresponding part of the information. After confirming the error, please complete the electronic signature.

4.10 View Online Transfer Guidelines

At this time, you have already submitted the submitted information, and you still need to initiate an online transfer to complete the account opening.

4.11 Choose Deposit Currency and Link an HK Bank Account

Select your deposit currency and add your personal bank account.


1. USD deposit is only permitted if you are opening an US stock market account.

2. Transfer from third-party account, joint-account or POA account will not be accepted.

4.12 Initiate the Transfer and Notify FUTU HK

Please initiate a transfer of not less than 10,000 HKD or 1,500 USD according to the receiving account information and notify FUTU HK. When the currency you selected is HKD, only the FPS is supported. When the currency you selected is USD, only e-banking transfer is supported.

4.13 Submit the Account Opening Application

After the transfer and notification, the account opening application is completed. You can also check the progress of the account opening here at any time. We will review the application within 1~2 working days. If you need to modify, supplement the information or successfully open an account, you will receive system messages and email notifications, so please pay attention.

5. Account Opening by the Offline Witness

You can select the witness location and the available appointment period on the page. If the appointment is successful, we will arrange a witness for you as soon as possible. The witness information will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS.

6. Account Opening by Check

You can check the required documents and delivery methods.