Fees related to special purpose acquisition company (SPAC)

Relevant fees are charged based on the entire operation process of a SPAC.

SPAC IPO stock subscription

Subscription methodType of feeAmount
Ordinary subscription(in cash, or on margin with Futu)Subscription handling fee2% * allotment amount
Margin interest (if applicable)The annualized interest rate for subscription on margin with Futu is the same as that for a HK margin account (current annualized interest rate of 6.8%). For details, please refer to the description of margin interest on subscription. If margin is used, margin interest must be paid regardless of whether you are an allottee.
SFC transaction levy, FRC transaction levy, trading fee0.00785% * allotment amount

Annual general meeting

Type of feeAmount
Annual general meeting related fee

Attend, or authorize a third party to attend, annual general meetings (up to 1 person).
Or entrust Futu Securities to vote as a proxy.Administration fee: 50 HKD per application.

Post-listing stock swap, forward stock split, and redemption

Type of feeAmount
Redemption fee (voluntary application)1000 HKD per transaction
Warrant exercise fee (voluntary application)1000 HKD per transaction
Post-merger stock swap fee (company action)Free