Fees related to special purpose acquisition company (SPAC)

1. Introduction to SPAC

Special Purpose Acquisition Company(SPAC), also known as a "blank check company," is a special form of listing on the U.S. stock market.

The sponsor establishes a SPAC shell to go public first in order to raise funds from investors to acquire an underlying company within a limited time (typically 24 months) so that it can quickly become a U.S. listed company.

The SPAC is a new "shell company" with only cash and no actual business, serving only as a listing platform. The target company can be listed by merging with SPAC and obtain SPAC funds.

2. Fees related to Special Purpose Acquisition Company(SPAC)

According to the entire operation process of SPAC, five categories of fees are set up:

Involuntary corporate action:Non-client voluntary application behavior. It can be operated in batches by SPAC company

*Fees may change if clearing system migration is involved

3. How to apply

If you want to perform certain operation, please send the following information to cs@futuhk.com for application: