Free stock

This Futu Free Stock Promotion is a special offer for our users. As a Futu user, you may receive free stocks from us by participating in our relevant giveaway events.

1. How to get free stocks from Futu?

Just stay tuned for our relevant giveaway events, which will be available from time to time. By participating in these events, you may get a chance to receive free stocks.

2. Where to check the free stocks I got?

You can check them via Accounts > Stock Rewards in the Futubull app. After claiming your free stocks, you will find them in your corresponding brokerage account. (Please ensure you are using the latest version of the app.)

3. How to claim free stocks?

Free stocks can be claimed "directly" or "by completing specified tasks".

(1) In the event of free stocks that can be claimed "directly", you must have a corresponding brokerage account. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive them. (For example, if you get free HK stocks, you will need to open an HK brokerage account.)

(2) For free stocks that can be claimed "by completing specified tasks", you will need to complete specified tasks before you can claim them, provided that you already have a corresponding brokerage account. These tasks vary with giveaway events and will appear on the "Stock Rewards" page.

4. When will my free stocks arrive in my account after I claim them?

After you claim your free stocks successfully, Futu will credit them to your brokerage account within five trading days (T+5), and you will be able to trade them once they arrive. Please check your brokerage account for any changes in your stock position, or check the progress via Stock Rewards > Records in the app.

5. Why are there different conditions for claiming and using the same stock?

Conditions for claiming and using a stock may vary depending on the rules of a specific giveaway event. You must read the rules of each giveaway event carefully to understand the differences among their respective conditions as well as validity periods.

6. Why couldn't I claim free stocks even though I have completed a task?

Some tasks have requirements for deposit amounts, deposit maintenance periods, etc. After you complete this kind of task, it will take 2-5 trading days to settle your free stocks, depending on the settlement period applicable to a certain market.

7. What does the validity period mean?

The validity period is the time frame during which you must complete required tasks, have the "Claim" button lit up, and claim free stocks. If, within the validity period, you fail to finish the tasks, or you have completed the tasks but fail to claim the free stocks, you will miss the free stocks.

8. Why do my free stocks have a cost?

The cost is the market price of your free stocks at the time when you claim them successfully, and it is not a real expense.

9. Why is my account in arrears after I sell my free stocks?

In principle, as long as a real trade is executed, trade-related fees will be charged, regardless of the quantity or the source of shares traded. Arrears may occur if you don't have sufficient funds in your account to cover these fees. For example, if you sell an odd lot of stock for $30, but the commission, stamp duty, and other fees cost $35, you will owe $5 (on which interest will be charged), and your account will be in arrears. For specific fee rates, please refer to our official fee schedule.

10. Other terms and conditions

Neither this Futu Free Stock Promotion nor related advertisements constitute an offer, solicitation, advice, opinion, or guarantee of Futu on any securities, financial products, or instruments. Investment involves risk, and you should exercise caution when making investing decisions. Neither this Futu Free Stock Promotion nor related advertisements are related to the companies corresponding to the free stocks hereunder. In the event of any dispute, event organizers reserve the right of final interpretation.