IPO Subscription and Grey Market Trading (HK Stock)

1. IPO Subscription Fees

Futu supports two ways of IPO subscription

① Ordinary Subscription (including Cash Subscription and Futu Financing Subscription)

② Bank Financing Subscription


①The interest generated by using Futu financing will be settled monthly with the financing account. The interest rate is the same as the HK stock financing interest rate (annualized 6.8%). Interest shall be calculated on a daily basis and shall not include in the IPO subscription fees. The final actual interest fee, please refer to the statement.

2. Grey Market Trading Fees


① Grey market transaction fees are unrelated to fee packages of ordinary HK stock and commission status, which will be charged according to Grey Market Trading Fees.

② An order can be divided into multiple transactions but will only be charged once.

③ Valid orders are settled based on the trading day. Transactions in the same trading day will be treated as 1 order, while transactions in the different trading days will be treated as different orders to calculate transaction related fees.