Transfer guidelines for banks in other regions(Banks in other regions)


1.The bank account name used for payment must be the same as the account name of Futu Securities.

2.It takes time for the bank to process the remittance request, and the bank's notification of "remitted" does not indicate Futu Securities has received the funds. The funds need to be settled and approved after arriving at Futu Securities.

3.The bank and Futu Securities do not process remittance during the public holidays in Hong Kong. Please allow time for remittance processing.

4.Recently, many clients have reported the probability of returning their deposited money.  We remind clients to be mindful of related risks. If the deposited money is returned, it may incur service charges and losses due to the exchange rate. If the deposited money is returned, please contact the bank in a timely manner. Futu Securities is not responsible for any service charges in any form collected by any bank from its clients due to the returned fund.  We recommend using Hong Kong Bank to deposit fund to Futu.

5.Futu does't accept any cash deposit or e-wallet transfer.

Procedures and guidelines for transferring funds from Bank Accounts in other regions:

1.Get FuTu Bene's A/C

Path:「Trade」-「Deposit」 - 「Choose deposit currency」- 「Bank account in other regions」-「Choose country/region」

2. Make sure your bank card has sufficient funds

Ensure that you have HKD/USD in your bank account and convert other currencies to HKD/USD if you do not have sufficient funds.

3.Transfer funds to Futu Bank Account

Different bank systems have different remittance procedures. Please contact the customer service of your bank for details.
The following receipt information is related to the recipient bank account and is used to fill in the remittance information.

3.1 Information about remitter

Name of remitter: Pinyin for name, eg, ZHANG SAN

Remitter's address: home address, specific to floor and house number.

3.2 Receiver and payee account opening bank information

Payee-related information can be accessed through the FUTU APP.

Path:「Trade」-「Deposit」 - 「Choose deposit currency」- 「Bank account in other regions」-「Choose country/region」

3.3 Remittance information
Currency of remittance:HK Dollar or US Dollar

Cost bearer: Common SHA

Remittance PS: Your Futubull ID/Moomoo ID

4. Initiate remittance notifications

Before sending the remittance notice, you need to intercept the remittance receipt from the bank's e-bank page, and the screenshot should contain the remittance amount, remittance number, recipient's account number, recipient's name, and remitter's name.


5.1 Viewing the history of funds deposit/withdrawl

You can view the progress and estimated completion time of your funds deposit at any time in your history.

View at: Funds Access History Page

5.2 Arrival time of funds

After initiating the remittance notification, the estimated arrival time is 3-5 business days.

After the remittance is accepted by the bank, it will be transmitted through the bank's intermediary bank in orders and finally reach the designated account of the receiving bank.

During the transfer process, the remittance route is not fixed, so it is not possible to accurately calculate the arrival time.

5.3 Other questions

5.3.1 The amount in arrears returned before 15:55 on the trading day will stop calculating the interests on the same day. The amount in arrears returned at other times will stop calculating interests on the next trading day.

5.3.2 The funds deposited before 15:55 on the trading day will appear in the statement on the same day. The funds deposited at other times will appear in the statement on the next trading day.

1. The above guideline screenshots are shared by users and are for reference only. If there is any discrepancy, the actual interface of the bank shall prevail, please confirm with the bank to fill in the content.
2. Futu is not responsible for any loss caused by this guideline.