Third-party Witness Account Opening

Clients who do not have a Hong Kong resident identity card or a Hong Kong bank account can fill out the account opening information online, select the account type(s), and complete the risk disclosure. Then, they need to print out the account opening form, have a face-to-face verification with a licensed or registered person, and mail the documents to FUTU HK to open an account.

1. Preparing Documents

(1) Copies of identity documents: passports (non-Mainland China), etc., "Certified True Copy" must be indicated by the a licensed or registered person on your copies and signed by the person

(2) A proof of address: issued within 3 months

(3) Account opening form: please print, fill out and sign the form, and a signature of a licensed or registered person is required

(4) A copy of license or certificate provided by a licensed or registered person: must be signed by him/her

2. Having a Face-to-face Verification with a Witness

Since a licensed or registered person must verify the client's signature when signing, the client needs to find a lawyer, a certified public accountant, a Notary Public, a Justice of the Peace, and other personnel as the licensed or registered person. In addition to signing the account opening form, the licensed or registered person must attach a copy of his/her license or certificate and sign the copy for verification.

Note: If you live abroad, you can find a local notary office to witness and verify your signature.

3. Mailing Documents

When you complete the face-to-face verification with a licensed or registered person, please mail the above documents to FUTU HK:

Receiving address: Unit C1-2, 13F, United Centre, No. 95 Queensway, Admiralty, HK

Recipient: Account Opening Department

Contact number: +852 67518079

4. Waiting for Activation

After receiving your documents, our staff will review your documents as soon as possible. After your application is approved, you will receive an email and a system message notification.

After downloading and registering FUTU APP, clients click "Open Account" or "Brokerage Account", select Get Verified by Other Persons, and then follow the instructions to complete the account opening steps.